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Welcome to PrimarySource, National Master Re-Distributor for Duracell, Energizer and GP Batteries

PrimarySource was started in 1994 by Charles Alexander.  Mr. Alexander is the company’s President but everyone calls him Top Dog.  Our corporate office is in Oakland Park, FL, and we ship nationwide from our warehouses in Memphis, TN and Oakland Park, FL.

PrimarySource has had one simple philosophy since inception:  Sell well-known, high quality products at affordable prices and show every customer how much we truly care about them and their business success.


We are thankful and appreciative that any company would put their trust and faith in us to be their supplier, just as we are honored and blessed that someone decides to join our team.  We invite you to get to know our superb staff.

If you have read enough about us, we appreciate your time and interest and hope we can be of service to you someday.  Keep in mind that if your customers aren’t buying batteries from you, they are buying them from your competitor.

If you are still reading about us and are a history buff, you may be interested in our Ancient History.


May God bless you and your business,

The Alexanders

Charles, Top Dog

Janice, Lead Dog

Schaefer, Guard Dog

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